The Jack and Vivian Hanson Arizona Film Institute (Hanson Film Institute) at The University of Arizona offers programs for students, emerging filmmakers, and media entrepreneurs who want to contribute significantly to the art and/or business of filmmaking and have an influential role in the film industry. Serving diverse, underrepresented, and new voices, the Hanson Film Institute creates and advances a dynamic understanding of the collaborative dimensions of the art and business of film. The Hanson Film Institute provides and supports educational programs, public events, and creative projects.

The Institute develops new programs and supports some existing programs often in partnership with the School of Media Arts and in collaboration with other University entities and community organizations. Programs are developed to meet specific goals: To provide learning opportunities to enhance the academic program; bring industry professionals and emerging filmmakers together; support career development; sponsor research; serve the local filmmaking and film going communities; place a special focus on Latin American and Native American filmmaking; and serve community youth.

Programs initiated by the Institute include the Student Professional Development Support Program, which provides funds competitively to students for academically-related travel and to complete professional internships; the Professional Development Partnership Program, which co-sponsors programs with film organizations that promote professional development; and the Art and Business of Film and Television Learning Opportunities Program, which provides workshops and seminars for students, faculty, and community members. The Hanson Visiting Filmmakers Program brings to Tucson diverse media professionals for presentations, often in collaboration with community organizations.



Vicky Westover, Director
The University of Arizona
Marshall Building Room 220
845 N Park Avenue
P.O. Box 210158B
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0158