Project Funding

CFA Small Grants

The CFA Small Grant program is made possible by the gifts of the members of the Medici Circle of the Dean’s Fund for Excellence. The purpose is to support unique opportunities for CFA students, faculty, staff and administration to enrich educational experiences, provide training and promote quality teaching. Awards will be made five times this year, with grants being generally between $100 and $1,000 with a maximum of $5,000 for group projects. Applications are submitted electronically and then forwarded to the Directors who then rank applications by priority order. It is expected that the Schools will provide partial funding for the recommended applications. The Dean and a committee that he convenes make final decisions. For information and guidelines about this program contact your director or visit the CFA Console and follow the Small Grants Application link.

Medici Scholars

The Medici Scholars program is designed to support undergraduate or graduate student projects undertaken during summer. Awards are $750. Students must obtain an application from the School and return the application by the announced deadline. Funding decisions are made by the department in mid-spring. For information about this program contact the Fine Arts Development Office.