Choosing to support the College of Fine Arts is an investment with multiple impact – current students and faculty, future students, and the legacy of a lifetime of arts enrichment.

With many different opportunities to give, you can choose the investment option that best fits your personal passion and intention.

To learn more about funding opportunities in the College of Fine Arts, please contact:

Lisa Comella, Director of Development
Or use our online Contact Form

The current priorities of the College of Fine Arts include diverse opportunities to invest in:


Donors provide funds for faculty to support the ongoing professional activity that brings vitality to their teaching, and prominence to the College. Funds can support research; provide travel to present, perform, or exhibit at important national/international conferences or competitions; or even sustain the salary package for a prominent teaching position. Contact us if you are interested in investing in the faculty.


Scholarships, teaching assistantships, and internships directly benefit students by defraying some of the costs of their education. These programs also enable the College of Fine Arts to recruit the very best talent to our artistic and academic programs, allowing us to compete with other top universities for the most promising undergraduate and graduate students. Donations can also provide travel experiences for students to participate in competitions or to attend and present their research at professional conferences. Contact us if you are interested in investing in students.


Many donors provide support for a specific academic program or area. Some donors prefer to lend their support for programs within one of our Schools. You can also select to designate your gift to cover varied expenses such as materials, marketing, travel, or other costs. There are so many ways to make a real difference in our School, regardless of the amount you choose to donate. Contact us, we welcome the chance to help choose the investment that best fits your ideas.

Facilities and Equipment

In order to maintain our reputation for strong academic and research programs and to attract and retain the most qualified faculty and students, the College needs modern instruments and equipment, classrooms, research and library facilities, and rehearsal and performance spaces. Support opportunities are available to donors at many levels and can include naming opportunities for buildings, classrooms, laboratories and public spaces. Contact us if you are interested in investing in facilities.


Endowments are permanent funds in which the principal is invested to grow over time and produce increased benefits. A percentage of the accrued interest is available annually for use to support the endowment purpose. With a strong endowment base of support, the College of Fine Arts will be able to maintain a consistent and long-term standard of excellence despite economic fluctuations. Any of the above funding opportunities can be supported, partially or fully, by a named endowment. Contact us if you are interested in investing in an endowment.

  • Endowed Scholarship or Program Support Investments starting at $25,000
    An endowed scholarship generates permanent, annual support for a student in the area of the donor’s choice. Even a small scholarship – a $25,000 endowment provides $1000 per year in scholarship funds – can have an impact on a student who struggles with the many costs of education. An endowed fund for a program works the same way – generating dependable support every year for a chosen program. Any endowed fund can be named, creating an enduring legacy for the donor.
  • Endowed Faculty Positions Investments starting at $1,500,000
    Endowed faculty positions are invaluable to the College and to our four Schools. Distinguished professorships; visiting professorships; and endowed chairs all provide naming opportunities and allow the donor to enrich the College or a discipline by enhancing our ability to recruit, reward, and retain outstanding faculty. Endowed positions may provide supplemental salary or program support; they may be used to attract talented new faculty, or to recognize and reward outstanding faculty who have achieved academic success at the highest level and who may be in demand among competing institutions.

    • Endowed chairs, in particular, play an important role in the prestige of a School, the College, and the University in the national and international community of scholarship. While it is one of the highest honors a university faculty member can receive and a mark of distinction for the College, an endowed chair can also be a source of great pride for the donors as they play a key role in the future of the College of Fine Arts.

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