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Sandra M Barr, Ph.D.


School of Art


My Ph D., awarded in 2009, is in Forgery in Classical art restoration, but that is but one of many many interests!  I teach Medieval, Renaisance, Baroque and Eighteenth-century European art, along with the survey of art courses. This last January of 2021, I lectured at Cornell Univesity on the iconography and ceremonial use of Southwestern Native American art, another interest of mine and a class that I teach on ocassion here at the University of Arizona.

Currently, I am working on tracking how Scottish fur traders influenced some of the metalwork of Northern and Southwestern Indigneous art, a project in its early stages but proving to be quite fruitful. There is so much to learn and appreciate in all areas of art, I hope you come join us here at the Universty of Arizona!