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Financial Aid / Scholarships

The University of Arizona is committed to providing an affordable education for students. There are a wide variety of scholarships and financial aid, administered at the university, college, and school level. The University of Arizona Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid offers several types of financial aid, including grants, loans, and work-study options.

The university breaks down financial aid by groups to make easy as possible.

NOTE: We strongly encourage filing your FAFSA (Federal Application for Financial Aid) when applying to the University of Arizona (school code 001083). The form is required for all students who are recommended for scholarships.

How do I find scholarship and financial aid?

You probably know that scholarships are funds that help you pay for college. But they’re just one of many financial aid options available to make your college costs more affordable. So … what exactly is financial aid? How do you find it and who can you talk to if you have questions? In this video, Kaila and Steven break it all down for you. They’ll help you understand your financial aid options and share how they’re funding their University of Arizona degrees.

Scholarship Universe

The university lists various types of scholarships on Scholarship Universe. Here are a few fine arts scholarships of note. You can find more information on each at Scholarship Universe.

The Dean’s Undergraduate Recruitment Award seeks to broaden the number of students in the College of Fine Arts from historically underrepresented communities. This award provides a $5,000 scholarship to aid with college expenses in the first year at UArizona. Prospective students admitted as majors in CFA programs are eligible.

The Dean’s Undergraduate Retention Award seeks to support continuing College of Fine Arts students from historically underrepresented communities. This award provides a $1,500 scholarship to aid with college expenses while attending UArizona. Students currently enrolled as majors in CFA programs are eligible.

The Arizona Community Foundation Arts Scholars Program provides talented student artists in Arizona with scholarship funding, registration fee waivers, academic and artistic mentoring, and opportunities for enhanced study either nationally or internationally. The Springer Scholarship is $5,000 per academic year for up to four years during the student’s undergraduate career. The goal is to help keep Arizona’s best and brightest artistic talent within the state’s university system. Springer Scholarships are awarded for all arts disciplines, including dance, theatre, music, and visual and media arts.

NOTE: Prospective students must have applied and received a NetID to view and search for scholarships in Scholarship Universe.

More Information

Please contact:

Kimberly Moore
Financial Aid Professional II

School Scholarships

Each school within the College of Fine Arts offers a variety of area-specific scholarships.

Medici Scholars

Medici Scholars are talented young artists and scholars who have shown remarkable ability in their area of study and who, with additional financial support, can better achieve their goals. The program provides students with a $1,000 award to pursue an educational summer project.