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Medici Circle

If you want to have the most immediate and greatest impact on the work we do in the College of Fine Arts for students and faculty, the Medici Circle program cannot be beat.

Medici Circle members support two important initiatives: Medici Scholars and our CFA Small Grants program.

The Medici Scholars program gives emerging student artists the gift of opportunity and an advantage in the very competitive world of arts professionals. Our Medici Scholars participate in intensive summer programs where they learn from seasoned professionals, forge important contacts and hone their skills in a real-world environment outside the classroom.

The CFA Small Grants program is crucial for students and faculty in the arts to further their training and careers by performing, exhibiting, and presenting their latest research at conferences and other professional venues both domestically and internationally.

Taken collectively, these individual activities increase the reputation and visibility of our programs. This, in turn, enables us to continue to recruit outstanding students and faculty.

Like its Renaissance namesake, The Medici Circle provides a core of support for the artistic future of our finest young artists and scholars.

Membership Information

Membership in the Medici Circle offers rewards that last a lifetime, knowing your gift has a direct and lasting impact on students and faculty. Their accomplishments — which would not be possible without your support — increase the reputation and visibility of our academic programs, and of the college. Members enjoy privileges that bring them “behind the scenes” of the College of Fine Arts to interact with the students and faculty who bring the arts alive in our programs.

Our annual Medici Scholar and Donor Luncheon offers you the opportunity to hear from all the current Medici Scholars first-hand and learn just how important this experience is for them. Here, you will discover how your generosity personally impacts their academic and professional careers.

Membership includes the opportunity to attend a Small Grants Reception to hear about the many projects made possible through the Medici Circle program.

Membership Options

Annual | $2,000

This membership includes support for one Medici Scholar. An additional gift of $1,000 supports a second student’s life-changing experience. There is no limit to how many scholars you can support.

Lifetime | $25,000

One-time gift of $25,000 or planned gifts valued at $100,000 to the CFA Dean’s Fund for Excellence. Your leadership is what fuels our future. We look forward to including you on “insider opportunities” that will give you a unique personal perspective on the hard work, discipline and commitment of our students and faculty.

Medici Circle | Impact Reports

Impact Report 2019-2020
Impact Report 2020-2021

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