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At the University of Arizona, there are so many ways to get involved, celebrate diversity and meet new people. Did you know that in 2023 Niche ranked the University of Arizona No. 7 on its list of “Best Hispanic Serving Institutions” out of 378? Check out the university’s many identity centers and resources.

Get Involved

Here is a sampling of just a few opportunities with the world of Arizona Arts.

Amplified A Cappella
Amplified is a mixed voice, student-led a cappella ensemble from the University of Arizona, founded in 2012 to create a fun, close-knit community of people who love to sing, create, and perform. Amplified always aims to focus on storytelling: reaching beyond the meaning of the songs on their own, to create a more impactful experience. Together, we and our sound, are Amplified.
CFA Ambassadors
The CFA Ambassadors program assists the college in outreach and recruiting via student visits, giving tours, answering questions, hosting lunches and more as representatives of the college. Ambassadors are indispensable advocates who actively participate in various CFA major events throughout the year.
The Dance Collective
The mission of Dance Collective is to create a supportive community within the School of Dance as we aim to push our boundaries, create new works, become educated and discover more about the art form.
inVisibility SALON
The InVisibility SALON creates space for students from historically excluded or marginalized backgrounds within the performing and visual arts. We encourage students to share their voices, experiences, and work. We give emergent artists, scholars, and technicians an outlet for expression and a chance to be seen and heard. We are also creating a network and community where students can support and inspire each other.
The PAMFAD club is open to all acting, music, art, dance majors, and film majors. The goal of the club is to promote collaboration between disciplines to help fulfill each other’s creative needs. For example, Film & Television majors could help make music or dance videos and acting reels for music and TFTV students. Music and arts majors could compose music and create animations for the FTV student films and more.
Photography Club
The University Photography Club is a place to experiment with new styles of capturing photos on or off campus as well as editing techniques. No camera experience is required to join.
The Pride of Arizona
One of the nation’s premier college marching bands, the Pride of Arizona is the largest of all the musical ensembles on campus. The band includes nearly 300 members representing over 80 different majors touches all corners of the University experience and is one of the most recognizable Wildcat brands, performing regularly on national TV at Arizona football games, basketball games and more. Find out how you can join the band.
The Sienna Collective
The Sienna Collective is a group for students of color at the School of Art. The collective’s mission is to facilitate a space for underrepresented and emerging artists of color to cultivate relationships with our community, to embrace alternate projects and to remain persistently disobedient to traditional thinking.
University Community Chorus
The University of Arizona’s University Community Chorus (UCC) is a large mixed choir of university faculty, staff, students, and members of the greater Tucson community. The non-auditioned membership of over 100 performs standard choral/orchestral literature.
University Filmmakers Organization
The University Filmmakers Organization or UFO is dedicated to inspiring students from all majors and backgrounds to come together to learn and create films no matter the challenges.

There are hundreds of student clubs and organizations at the University of Arizona, for everything from niche hobbies to extracurriculars to career-oriented and professional groups. Browse some of our most popular and most distinct clubs on campus for Wildcats.