“The Medici Circle provides both students and faculty unique opportunities that make a tangible difference in their academic careers and in the national prestige of the College of Fine Arts and its programs. We have been members for years and know this truly is an investment that pays us all back.” – Rica and Harvey Spivack

The artists creating our nation’s heritage are with us today. Join the Medici Circle and become a guardian of the future for these influential artists of tomorrow!

The Medici Circle takes its name from the noted Italian family of art patrons who lived in Florence and Tuscany during the Renaissance. Like its namesake, The Medici Circle provides a core of support for the artistic future of our finest young artists and scholars. Members enjoy privileges that bring them “behind the scenes” of the College of Fine Arts to interact with the students and faculty who bring the arts alive in our programs.

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Your Medici Circle gift builds the Fine Arts Fund for Excellence which promotes:

  • Study or travel for students
  • Visiting artists and scholars
  • Faculty enrichment to foster excellence in teaching
  • Research grants and new initiatives

Membership Information

Medici Circle is an annual contribution of $1,000 or more

Life Membership in Medici Circle is also available, honoring gifts of $25,000 or planned gifts valued at $100,000 to the Fund for Excellence. Contact us for more information about becoming a Life Member.

Medici Scholars Program

One of the most cherished benefits of Medici Circle membership is the opportunity to sponsor a Medici Scholar with an additional gift.

NOTE DEC. 31 DEADLINE: Written commitment is needed by December 31 to sponsor a Medici Scholar for the following summer. Your commitment can be paid any time before April 1.

Download our Medici Circle Commitment Form (PDF) to commit to sponsor a Medici Scholar.

Contact us for more information about this truly distinctive experience.

“This is truly the greatest thing you have here – for both students and donors. This program is world-class and the whole experience leaves an impression on both the student and donor that is a treasured life memory.” – Steve Ratoff

Medici Circle

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