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Medici Scholars

Application Deadline

The 2024 application deadline is 11:59pm, Monday, April 8.

The portal will close at this time – no exceptions.

Note – The process allows the student to resubmit a revised application if the faculty mentor declines and suggests improvements in the application. It is in a student’s best interest to allow time for review, feedback, and resubmission. We recommend submittal by Monday, April 1 – OR, working with the faculty mentor before submitting – to ensure that the proposal will be accepted.

The Medici Scholars Program is funded by generous gifts to the College of Fine Arts from members of the Medici Circle to support talented young artists and scholars who show outstanding academic and artistic potential in their areas of study. The program provides students with a $1000 award to pursue an educational summer project. For most students, these opportunities are outside their financial ability. The award makes these valuable summer intensives possible!

The program also creates opportunities for interaction between students and the community of arts patrons –distinctive point of difference for our donors and our students. Each of our four Schools select their Medici Scholar award recipients.

Medici Scholar funds are awarded at the end of spring semester. The entire application process is completed online and requires approval of a faculty mentor. The award process is competitive and funds are limited.

Project Guidelines

Submit a project that would further training/education in your discipline.

Examples of appropriate projects

  • Partial funding for travel to an appropriate symposium, workshop, intensive study program or for thesis/dissertation research outside of Tucson
  • Coverage of fees to study with a known expert in the student’s field
  • Partial funding for a project, such as a collaborative dance/music presentation
  • Funding for a recording project, multi-media project or video
  • Purchase of higher-grade materials than the student normally works with (metals, film, etc.) for a special project (not part of normal course work)

Examples of projects the program won’t support

  • Tuition, fees, books, supplies or other university-related expenses.
  • Private lessons or study with a University of Arizona faculty member.
  • Purchase of supplies or instruments needed for normal course work.
  • Anything related to job searches (i.e., head shots, resumes, travel for interviews, etc.).

Qualifications and requirements

  • To qualify for this program you must be applying for a qualifying summer project, and be a student returning for the fall 2024 semester.
  • Medici Scholar awards are funded by gifts from members of the Medici Circle who choose to support a student in their areas of interest. Communication with the donor about the progress of your project is a critical and required component of this program.
  • All applications must be approved electronically by a faculty mentor before they will be submitted to your School scholarship or administrative office.
  • Any later changes to a student’s approved project must be submitted in writing to the Scholarship office of your School to authorize the change.
  • Students must pay all encumbrances (i.e., fees, fines, etc.) to the UA before receiving the award money by May 3, 2024
  • Note – It is strongly recommended that students apply for, and include information about, a second summer program option if not yet accepted to the chosen project at the time of application. This should be incorporated into a single application as an alternate project pending acceptance to the program(s).

Online Application Process

  1. Your entire project will be submitted via the CFA Console. The application requires your acceptance of a number of conditions of the award, and the upload of three required documents:
    • Project Description
    • Detailed project budget estimate
    • Resume
  2. You will receive an email confirmation, which you should save.
  3. Application will be sent electronically to faculty mentor for review and approval – or, denial with feedback to allow for improvement and resubmittal of the application. As noted above, it is recommended that the student:
    • work with the faculty mentor before submitting the application
    • submit a week or more before the deadline to allow time to revise and resubmit if needed
  4. Students must submit completed application online by 11:59 p.m. Monday, April 8, 2024. The portal will close at this time – no exceptions.

Terms and Conditions

Medici Scholars must agree to specific terms in order to receive an award. The online application requires the student’s commitment to each of the terms and conditions listed below.

These will appear on both the online application and on the printed agreement each awardee must sign. Agreement to every condition is mandatory in accepting a Medici Scholar Award.

  • I understand that the process of releasing the award will begin after I submit my signed Agreement Form and original thank you letter to the Development staff on May 1, 2024.
  • I will pay all encumbrances (i.e., fees, fines, etc.) to the UA before receiving the award money. I understand that I have two (2) opportunities to present a cleared account: May 4, 2024 or May 10, 2024, or my award will be forfeited.
  • I will write a personal thank you to the donor and submit the original to the Development staff by May 1, 2024. I understand that my award money will not be released until the Development Office receives this letter. (NOTE: The Development Office will mail the letter to the donor.)
  • I will use the money only for the project described. Any changes in the project must be submitted in writing to and approved by the Scholarship Committee or Director of my School.
  • During the fall semester I will send a second letter directly to my donor describing my summer experience. NOTE: Failure to file a report may cause applicant to be ineligible for future Medici Scholar awards.
  • I will attend a Medici Scholars/Donors celebration in the Fall of 2024 to meet with my donor. I agree to give a brief presentation about my project at the celebration.
  • I will invite my donor to at least one performance, exhibition, class or behind-the-scenes opportunity that I will be involved with during 2024-2025.
  • I understand I may be asked to perform or present at a Medici Circle event during the 2024-2025 academic year.
  • I will not contact my donor directly for special requests, for example to increase my award value or to support other causes I am interested in or involved in.
  • I understand that all communication regarding the Medici Scholar application, selection, and award process will be made through my official university email. It is my responsibility to check that email regularly.
  • I give my permission to the College of Fine Arts to publicize my name or photo as a recipient of this award, and as appropriate, to share my name and contact information with the donor who funded this award.
  • I grant permission to the Arizona Board of Regents, on behalf of the University of Arizona, to use photographs of me on University websites or other electronic media without notifying me. I waive my right to inspect or approve of photographs of me used now and in the future and I waive rights to any compensation or royalties from or related to the use of the photographs.

More Information

Ana Pumarejo
Associate Director, Special Events